We present sale of construction materials following domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Cement, lime

wapn_cem_1 wapn_cem_2 wapn_cem_3 wapn_cem_4 wapn_cem_5 wapn_cem_6 wapn_cem_7 wapn_cem_8 wapn_cem_9

Ceramics and tiles

ceram_7 ceram_6 ceram_5 ceram_4 ceram_1 ceram_2 ceram_3

Building chemicals

chem_bud_1 chem_bud_2 chem_bud_3 chem_bud_4 chem_bud_5 chem_bud_6 chem_bud_7 chem_bud_8 chem_bud_9 chem_bud_10 chem_bud_11 chem_bud_12 chem_bud_13 chem_bud_14 chem_bud_15 chem_bud_16 chem_bud_17 chem_bud_18 chem_bud_19 chem_bud_20 chem_bud_21 chem_bud_22 chem_bud_23

Wood and wood-based materials

drew_mat_1 drew_mat_2 drew_mat_3 drew_mat_4 drew_mat_5 drew_mat_6 drew_mat_7 drew_mat_8 drew_mat_9 drew_mat_10 drew_mat_11 drew_mat_12 drew_mat_13 drew_mat_14

Paints, varnishes, wallpaper

farby_lak_1 farby_lak_2 farby_lak_3 farby_lak_4 farby_lak_5 farby_lak_6 farby_lak_7 farby_lak_8

Installation Mmaterials

mat_inst_1 mat_inst_2 mat_inst_3 mat_inst_4 mat_inst_5 mat_inst_6 mat_inst_7 mat_inst_8 mat_inst_9 mat_inst_10 mat_inst_11 mat_inst_12 mat_inst_13 mat_inst_14 mat_inst_15 mat_inst_16 mat_inst_17

Thermal insulation materials

mat_izol_term_1 mat_izol_term_2 mat_izol_term_3 mat_izol_term_4 mat_izol_term_5 mat_izol_term_6 mat_izol_term_7

Waterproofing materials

mat_izol_wod_1 mat_izol_wod_2 mat_izol_wod_3 mat_izol_wod_4 mat_izol_wod_5 mat_izol_wod_6 mat_izol_wod_7 mat_izol_wod_8 mat_izol_wod_9 mat_izol_wod_10

Wall materials

mat_scien_1 mat_scien_2 mat_scien_3 mat_scien_4 mat_scien_5 mat_scien_6 mat_scien_7 mat_scien_8 mat_scien_9 mat_scien_10 mat_scien_11 mat_scien_12 mat_scien_13 mat_scien_14 mat_scien_15 mat_scien_16 mat_scien_17 mat_scien_18 mat_scien_19 mat_scien_20 mat_scien_21 mat_scien_22 mat_scien_23 mat_scien_24 mat_scien_25 mat_scien_26 mat_scien_27 mat_scien_28 mat_scien_29 mat_scien_30 mat_scien_31 mat_scien_32 mat_scien_33 mat_scien_34

Steel materials

mat_stal_1 mat_stal_2 mat_stal_3 mat_stal_4

Plaster mixes

miesz_gips_1 miesz_gips_2 miesz_gips_3 miesz_gips_4 miesz_gips_5 miesz_gips_6 miesz_gips_7 miesz_gips_8


narz_1 narz_2 narz_3 narz_4 narz_5 narz_6 narz_7 narz_8 narz_9 narz_10 narz_11 narz_12 narz_13 narz_14 narz_15 narz_16 narz_17 narz_18


pokr_dach_1 pokr_dach_2 pokr_dach_3 pokr_dach_4 pokr_dach_5 pokr_dach_6 pokr_dach_7 pokr_dach_8 pokr_dach_9 pokr_dach_10 pokr_dach_11 pokr_dach_12 pokr_dach_13 pokr_dach_14 pokr_dach_15 pokr_dach_16 pokr_dach_17 pokr_dach_18 pokr_dach_19


stol_otw_1 stol_otw_2 stol_otw_3 stol_otw_4 stol_otw_5 stol_otw_6 stol_otw_7 stol_otw_8 stol_otw_9 stol_otw_10 stol_otw_11 stol_otw_12 stol_otw_13 stol_otw_14 stol_otw_15

Dry interior construction

sucha_zab_wn_1 sucha_zab_wn_2 sucha_zab_wn_3 sucha_zab_wn_4 sucha_zab_wn_5 sucha_zab_wn_6 sucha_zab_wn_7

Suspended ceilings

sufity_1 sufity_2 sufity_3 sufity_4 sufity_5


inne_1 inne_2 inne_3 inne_4 inne_5 inne_6

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