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A few words about us

NOMINAL was set up in 1991.


We are a producer of vessels, tanks, LPG vessels, pipeline elements acc. to KER and pressure appliances; a provider of the cut working, plastic working and welding services.


We have the authorisation of Technical Control Office certificated by Urząd Dozoru Technicznego Oddział w Bydgoszczy.


We have introduced the quality management system concerning the pipeline elements and pressure appliances production and the wholesale of building materials, according to the norm PN – EN ISO 9001:2001.


We offer for the wholesale and retail:


  • a wide variety of building materials,
  • metalwork,
  • tools (building ones and other),
  • jointing elements, screws etc.


Since November 2000 we have been a shareholder of the Polskie Składy Budowlane Group


Our certificates:


Over a years of our activity we had the honour to co-operate with many Polish and foreign companies


At present we are interested in launching a co-operation regarding the following areas:

  • Buying: elbows, T-joints, reducing joints, collars, bottoms, fitting, pipes according to DIN, ANSI
  • Selling: reducing joints, arches, hangers and supports, pipelines, compensators, welded and forged T-joints, segmental arches, collar joint screws, solid containers.
  • Establishing a co-operation aimed at starting a production within buildings in existence.
  • Establishing a co-operation concerning a development of a 1,5 ha land.


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