T-joints with a pull-out neck


T-joints with a neck are appropriate to be built over in pipelines of steam, water and other neutral agents with the nominal pressure between 4,0 MPa 25,0 MPa. Steel types used: P265GH, 13CrMo 4-5.

Range of bores available:
External diameter range: from Dz=108 mm to Dz=508 mm

General division:
T-joints with a neck are made
according to KER 80/2,40 – Pnom. – 4,0 MPa
according to KER 80/2,41 – Pnom. – 6,4 MPa
according to KER 80/2,42 – Pnom. – 10,0 MPa
according to KER 80/2,43 – Pnom. – 16,0 MPa
according to KER 80/2,44 – Pnom. – 20,0 MPa
according to KER 80/2,45 – Pnom. – 25,0 MPa

IWe can make also T-joints, collectors and other elements according to BN norms and individual order.

The detailed technical information regarding the parameters of work of the above elements will be given in response to a client query.

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